Swede Farm Naturals

Ointment and perfume delight the heart. Proverbs 27:9








I along with some of my sisters, have always had skin problems. When we moved out to the farm and got goats, one of the things our goat mentor told us was that goats milk soap was great for skin problems. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try some. Since that first bar, I have not used anything else and my skin problems have been resolved. From buying, to making, to selling soaps I have enjoyed it all. From start to finish it has been very enjoyable to learn new things and to see what I can do with our goat's milk.

When making and packaging my soaps, I realized how much I enjoyed creating a product that could help people and be enjoyable as well. This caused me to wonder what other products could be made that would be useful.
The everyday bumps, scrapes, cuts, and insect bites that happen in a large family living on a farm and running a dairy helped me realize that there were many things that I could make that would be useful not only for my family but for other families as well. With this in mind I developed a number of balms and ointments to help encourage skins natural healing process.

As someone who has always had dry skin problems, it is my goal to make products that you will enjoy and that will make a difference for your skin or can be enjoyed around your house! All of myy soaps, and balms have been handcrafted with the best supplies. Nothing is put into a product until it has been researched. Along with that I will never sell something that I would not use for my own family!