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100% Soy Candles

All of my candles are super scented, 100% soy wax with no artificial coloring added, giving them a natural looking color.

What Is A Soy Candle?

A soy candle is made from a wax that is made from hydrogenated soybean oil, thus making it an all natural candle.

Why Soy Wax?

Using a candle made from soy gives a number of advantages over bees wax or paraffin wax candles. Your soy candle will last longer and burn more evenly then a candle made from any other wax. Along with a longer lasting more evenly burning candle you have a more enjoyable candle because the soy holds the scents longer in your candles, giving you a longer lasting, more enjoyable experience.

$8 per 8 ounce container

Apple Spice Cake

This scent is a wonderful all the time, any occasion, any reason candle. Burn it at any point and people will know why you are burning it. The apple scent has just a hint of orange, cloves, & cinnamon giving it a wonderful scent that you will enjoy every time you burn it.

Mocha cafe

A heartwarming chocolate coffee blend accented with a rich buttery vanilla flavor. If like coffee you will like this scent!

Green Tea and Lemon Grass

This scent is a refreshing blend of floral and herbal mints.