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Mother and Baby Products

Massage oil

Massage oils are made with apricot kernel oil. Apricot kernel oil is an all-natural oil that is easy to go and does not have a greasy or oily after affect. You can buy this unscented or scented lightly with lavender essential oil.
$8 per 8 ounce bottle

Sweet Cheeks Spray

This spray was made to help prevent rashes. The Chamomile infused jojoba oil combined with essential oils and witch hazel is a great combination to keep rashes away.
$6 per 4 ounces spray bottle

Sweet Cheeks Ointment

And in case you forgot you Sweet cheecks Ointment or it was just one of those days, I have made an ointment that will help with the rashes, because I have been known to leave the spray somewhere, where it shouldn't be. The aloe vera base combined with the herbs make a wonderful healing combination that they keep wanting more of it.
$5 per 2 ounce jar

Cord Herbs

this herbs were made with new babies in mind. The golden seal has been known for centuries to have drying qualities, but along with that comes a smell that not many people like to have on their new born baby. This is one reason I added the rosemary, rosemary has drying qualities, just the same as golden seal, but also has a more enjoyable scent. So you get the drying qualities of both herbs and the wonderful scent of rosemary.

Postpartum Herb Bath

You have nourished the baby inside for all these long weeks, now relax and enjoy nourishing and healing with this herbal bath. This blend is made of herbs traditionally felt to encourage healing of bruised or torn tissues as well as help avoid infection. Every new mom deserves the chance to relax in a soothing bath aimed at both healing and rejuvenating not only body but spirit. You have labored hard...now reward yourself!

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