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All Swede Farm Naturals' soaps are made with all natural ingredients such as raw goats milk, shea butter, sunflower and coconut oil. Additionally we add no artificial coloring or preservatives so that you can feel good about using our products on every member of your family.

Each bar is very large at six ounces, making it last longer than most other soaps. These bars will refresh your skin while keeping your skin nice, soft, and moisturized for a long time.

Each six ounce bar costs $6.
Corresponding 8 ounce lotions cost $8.
To order or if you have any questions or for more information e-mail me at

Warm vanilla Sugar

A warm sugary scented soap that will have you wanting more! This soap has a luxurious scent that is very comforting. The vanilla bean infused oil will you give you a refreshed feeling every time you use it. You will enjoy this bar of soap more then you have ever enjoyed any other bar of soap before!

Oatmeal, Goat Milk, & Honey

The combination of oatmeal, milk, and honey is a very soothing combination. The oatmeal will refresh your skin and the milk will moisturize your skin, while the honey will give you a wonderful scent reminding you of summer days.

Orange spice

This bar of soap will have you wishing for a cup of orange tea to go with it! The orange mixed with cloves and cinnamon gives this bar a very uplifting fragrance and the gold mica will remind you of an orange spice tea.


The Lavender in this soap is very relaxing and the mint adds to the lavender causing it to not only be relaxing but also refreshing and comforting. Use this bar of soap after a stressful day and you will feel renewed and ready to take on any task!

Very Berry

This soap is a very fruity smelling soap. If you like the smell of fresh fruit, such as apples, strawberries, and cherries, you will love this soap. The Australian Rose clay gives it a wonderful pink swirl coloring.